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The Third Age

Watch The Third Age

Volume One
Episode One: ‘Fall to Earth’

Episode Two: ‘Static’

Episode Three: ‘Receives Transmissions’

Episode Four: ‘Cranial Samples’

Episode Five: ‘Constructing Reality’

Episode Six: ‘The Spiral Path’

Episode Seven: ‘The Tree of Life’

Episode Eight: ‘Hyperopia’

Episode Nine: ‘Mission Control’

Episode Ten: ‘In Exile’

Episode Eleven: ‘A Very Generous Offer’

Episode Twelve/Thirteen: ‘The Last Supper’

Volume Two
Episode One: ‘The Grand Illusion’

Episode Two: ‘The God Genome’

Episode Three: ‘The Gilded Cage’

Episode Four: ‘Bad Dream’

Episode Five: ‘Remote Control’

Episode Six: ‘Party of One’

Episode Seven: ‘Behind the Mask’

Episode Eight: ‘Alone in the Dark’

Episode Nine: ‘No Escape’

Episode Ten: ‘This is My Life’

Episode Eleven: ‘The Fall’

Episode Twelve: ‘St. James Infirmary’

Episode Thirteen: ‘Wake Up’

Episode Fourteen: ‘The Collapsing Infinite’

Epilogue: ‘The Future’